At Schaut Speed Motorsports, we want to make you faster - with knowledge!!!

We are racers, and on many weekends you might just find us battling you for position out on track, most likely in a Spec Miata. As racers, we want to have as much fun as possible out on track (that is why we race, isn't it?), and want you to have as much fun as well. Best way to do this? Going fast, safely, and improving! And that is where we come in, by helping you to get the most out of your car, and your driver (yeah, we are talking about you!).

How it all started

Schaut Speed Motorsports was started in 2009 by Ben Schaut, an engineer by training and racer by choice. Ben has over 10 years of direct on-track racing experience in various production-based classes (solo: DP, SM/S; club racing: ITC, ITA, ITS, T2, SM; time trial events, HPDE instructor and 7-year veteran of the One Lap of America), and an additional 15+ years of being involved in motorsports, including Formula SAE and Formula Baja while studying at Michigan Technological University. In 2009, Ben decided to take his passion for racing, combined with his knowledge, and desire to maximize speed, and find a way to help others go faster too.

Ways to make you faster

One of the best and most cost effective tools you can purchase to improve your on-track speed is Data Acquisition (or 'DA'). By seeing and knowing what you and your car are doing, you can start to make changes to fully utilize your cars capabilities, find the ideal line and start dropping your lap times!

Schaut Speed Motorsports offers a full-line of entry-level data acquisition systems from Race Technology and Traqmate. Video integration, lap-timer displays, Shift-i shift lights, external sensors and other accessories are also available. To get the most out of a data system, you also need to know what to look for; with this in mind, SSM also offers data analysis training and data-based driver coaching (both at-track and via phone/email)

New to data acquisition? Not sure what kind of Data System fits your needs? Check out our "Beginners guide to DA" and "What DA systems works for me?" section. Not sure if a data system is for you? Check out our weekend data system rental program, which comes with complimentary coaching and data analysis.

Stuff for your ride

In addition to the DA and video systems, we also have Cobalt Friction brake pads to get the most out of the brake zones, Shorai Power light-weight Lithium-iron motorcycle/power-sport batteries and are an authorized independent AmsOil dealer for all of your vehicles lubrication needs.

We work with our hands too

Schaut Speed Motorsports will also share our years of set-up and build experience with you, offering track/race vehicle suspension installation and full alignment/corner-weighting set-up. Want a new racer but don't want to build one yourself? Let us do it for you - working closely with roll-cage specialists, Angry Sheep Motorsports, we can do a ground-up build or update for Spec Miata or other cars. At-track set-up/alignment may also be available at select events; check our event schedule for availability.

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